This July, Cassens Fine Art is excited to present an exhibition UNVEILING Cyrus Walker's latest body of work.


Ahead of the exhibition, Cassens Fine Art sat down in conversation with Cyrus, and you can Listen below to hear him share in his own words about his artistic process and inspirations.




At some point in the history of the Western art genre, artists captured less of the scenes and happenings surrounding them and more of the fictional tales of the west. With help from the enthusiastic collectors and art connoisseurs residing in the eastern United States, the western genre began to take form. What piques Cyrus Walker’s interest in this form of art is its equal parts fiction and fact. Men are rough, rugged, and chivalrous. Vicious outlaws mingle with proud pioneers at a rowdy poker table, and disputes are settled with a gunfight. Every scene taking place amidst a backdrop of majestic mountain peaks and rolling tumbleweeds. 


Born in Vermont, Cyrus became entranced with art and the unique perspective it can provide. He studied under his uncle, an art director at a well-known advertising firm in Boston, Massachusetts. It was through close observation of his uncle’s work that he learned first-hand how images can be used to speak with uttering a word, along with the way commercial illustrators stylize their work.


Inspired, Cyrus went on to study graphic design and marketing at Montana State University where he learned about the principles of design. Before graduation, he opened a small design company, where he worked with brands from all over the United States, incorporating as many analog tools as appropriate to complete projects in the field of advertising. His own style of illustration and design was born after studying the work from designers dating back to the 1930’s and it carries through his works today. 


Thick black lines guide the eyes, outlining characters and objects to create scenes from the imagined west that look as though they were plucked from a comic book. For Cyrus, it’s a way to say the most while saying the least, using limited tools and color palettes. Aiming to capture contemplative and universal moments in his works, Cyrus incorporates stylistic elements from the Rococo period and American Gothic style. He focuses on the present, maintaining a high production rate of about one painting per week, using a combination of acrylic and oil paints to achieve specific layers and details. Influenced by personal experiences and a rigorous work ethic, his pieces aim to allow viewers to have their own interpretations. 


Cyrus will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the art world as an origin point for this particular style of western art. His exhibition, “SPF 90 Cowpoke,” will be on display at Cassens Fine Art for the month of July. Listen to the audio recording of our conversation with Cyrus ahead of this show above to hear an in-depth conversation about his artistic process and inspirations. 


SPF 90 Cowpoke” opens with a reception at Cassens Fine Art on July 12th from 5-7 pm and will be on display for the rest of the month. The community is invited to attend, meet Cyrus, view his collection, and participate in the collaborative storytelling that his work inspires. 

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