This Holiday Small Works exhibition will feature the works of 19 renowned western artists showcasing one-of-a-kind paintings, each measuring 12X12 inches or smaller.



Cassens Fine Art is thrilled to announce its upcoming Holiday Minis Exhibition, “Celebrating the Seasons of the West,” a captivating showcase of one-of-a-kind] paintings, each measuring 12X12 inches or smaller. This remarkable exhibition, featuring the works of 19 talented artists, is set to take place throughout the month of December. As snow blankets the serene Bitterroot Valley and the quiet of winter settles in, the exhibition offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich and wild tapestry of Western art and take in the magic of the seasons.


This exhibition will feature a diverse array of artists, including Sarah Bramme, Craig Birch, Bailey Burton, Ed Durose, Coila Evans, Jake Gaedtke, Teresa Garland Warner, Tracie Hubbard, Colt Idol, Karen Savory, Thomas English, Shirle Wempner, Jordan Walker, Turner Vinson, Elene Weege, Kenneth Yarus, Tyler Murphy, Paul Hill, and Bailey Miller.


Each artist brings their unique voice to the canvas, offering profound perspectives on the land, history, beauty, and traditions of the American West through all of its seasons. With each stroke of paint, they invite you to explore the serene landscapes, the playful imagination, and the breathtaking moments that the West has to offer.


“I hope to inspire those who see my work, to enable them to feel and observe a moment in nature through the beauty of light and how it shapes the landscape around us,” says featured artist, Elene Weege.


“I love all of my pieces for this show. They make me smile and feel very happy inside and that is what I hope viewers will feel too,” says featured artist, Karen Savory.


“My hope with this collection of work was to share the quiet moments from adventures that inspire. Adventures do not have to be wild and adrenaline-invoking, sometimes they are merely about finding peace and inspiration in God’s beauty. My miniature works for this show capture the stillness of nature in scenes such as a sunrise in the mountains, or a cold winter's night beneath the glow of the moon. As someone who never sits still and is always chasing the next mountain to climb, I love the shift in gears this collection offered me. It served as a reminder to slow down and enjoy the view. I hope that each painting is eye-catching in a way that draws the audience into the scene and incites the desire to take a deep breath and enjoy a tranquil moment in nature,” says featured artist, Bailey Miller.


Cassens Fine Art sat down with many of the featured artists in this exhibition, capturing exclusive conversations that you can read here.


The exhibition will be displayed beginning on November 24th, 2023 for Black Friday and Small Business Saturday, and run throughout the month of December. An artist's reception will be held on December 1st, 2023 from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Cassens Fine Art, located at 215 West Main St. Hamilton, Montana 59840. Art enthusiasts and the local community alike are invited to this special event, meet the featured artists in person, and discover exquisite small-scale artworks that are perfect for holiday gifting.


For more information about the exhibition, please visit, or contact the gallery at 406-363-4112.

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